Monday, 6 May 2013

A Quilt for Thabiby

I had to make a quilt for "Thabiby"...and I had to hurry up about it. But let me tell you who Thabiby is...
In November Miss T found out she was going to become a "Big Sister" soon...and she talked incessantly about her baby brother. She even asked Santa at Macy's to get her one. When asked what she was going to call her new brother the answer was always "Thabiby". It was this mysterious name that had me foxed: Thabiby ? The name didn't sound Indian or American , nor did she have any friend who shared that name so I couldn't figure out how she had decided on it.
One morning Miss T was getting her baby doll into the stroller so they could go to the park and I asked what she had named the doll. This-bibi. So I asked what her brother was going to be called and she said, "Thabiby" !!! Mystery Thabiby he is till he arrives and gets a brand new name.
But I was writing about the quilt for Thabiby........
As soon as we found out it was a boy I started looking for fabric in blues (I'm an old fashioned girl) and went on a buying spree with no plan or ideas on what the quilt was going to look like. No pattern in mind but lots of blue fabric. Then there was a lull in my enthusiasm to make the quilt because I couldn't decide on the pattern. Finally a simple log cabin type block seemed the simplest and quickest. Time was running out. The blocks were pieced and the quilt sandwich was ready but I couldn't decide on how I wanted to quilt it !! Again the lack of time took care of that decision and I quilted around the blocks. Soon the quilt was ready and I was happy, ready to pack and leave for New York in a week.

But when I showed it to my daughter and Miss T on Skype,  Miss T wanted one too !!
With hardly any time left I had to rustle up something that matched her room,  and could be got ready in 2 days with fabric I had in the house. That's when Nicola Foreman's posts (nicola foreman quilts ) on FB came to my rescue ! I knew I could copy her design with the scraps I had at home and get Miss T's quilt ready in time....The 1/2" apart lines I quilted took forever but look so good.
Madhu Mathur and Brinda Crishna had posted tutes on binding and finishing that week which were ever so useful and saved so much time !

So not only did Thabiby get his quilt but so did Miss T.

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  1. Wos..two cute and adorable quilts in a short time!! Love both the quilts <3