Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Stash Buster BOM on Just Us Quilters Step 1

After a few months spent in the cold I'm back to hot, hot Poona. The heat has meant I'm indoors all day, and therefore on fb and all my lovely quilting groups. Just Us Quilters announced a Stash Buster BOM........and that was just the excuse I needed to go fabric shopping !!
I convinced myself that the fabric I bought in America ( enough to fill a whole suitcase ) was not quite the right kind !

 It had to be "Indian" fabric....Ikats, shots, block prints and hand woven stripes. I knew exactly where I could get all these but there was an indefinite Traders Bandh ( a strike ) so shops were shut. For two days I dreamt of nothing but fabric and hoped the Bandh would be called off. It wasn't. 
I went anyway to the shop hoping they'd be open since they operated out of an apartment and weren't in a shopping district. Lucky for me they were open and I could feast on the most beautiful, colourful fabric. 
I started off with a grey and white Ikat that I fell in love with, then picked blues and greens and more greys . But a bright yellow print caught my eye and then of course the reds and oranges followed. 
I had to smuggle it into the house and take it straight to my sewing room so nobody noticed.
This morning when everyone was out I laid out the fabric and drooled and decided I had to first get my sewing room tidied before I even started ironing and cutting the fabric !

So the big task of cleaning up a room that had been left shut and unswept for over 3 months began. Many were the times I was tempted to just clear a small area and start on my block, but I've held out (pat on my back ).
Hopefully I'll have the room cleaned and tidied today, then another day of rearranging stuff and I'm ready to go.......