Saturday, 1 June 2013

Stash Buster BOM Step 2

Ah well, the sewing room didn't get tidied up as soon as I'd have wanted to and I didn't want to start my blocks till it was really tidy, but......
The fabric was washed, sun dried, ironed and so waiting to be cut that I had to give in !
I didn't realize how hand woven fabric behaves until I tried spray starching and ironing it: it has a mind of its own and wants to go 'curvy' more often than not. So what seemed like perfect straight lines, rotary cut with a new blade suddenly became concave or convex lines when ironed.
Then when I sat down to sew, I found I had forgotten how to sew 1/4" seams :) So with a little help from Jack the Ripper and after I changed the presser foot on my machine to the 1/4" foot I got the seams right and the piecing went well.
But, it was the 31st of May and I had to get the blocks done before Linda posted the June block. So I did and here they are:

That the room needs another major clean up is another matter for another day !
What the colours remind me of is the GulMohur tree in full bloom now.
Here are some hastily taken pics on the way home, but it'll give you an idea of what I'm trying to say

The shades of deep red and orange flowers, the grey tarred road, the blue skies with white clouds and the tawny dust all seem, to me, to appear in my blocks.

Now I'm ready to see what Linda has in store for us today !


  1. beautiful blocks!! btw, I never prewash my fabric, esp the handloom one until I finished quilting it. But I made sure I bought the good quality one which the color doesn't bleed. After several years here I can differentiate which fabrics bleed and which are not ^_^

  2. You clever clever girl! I love this. And your story with it! Lyrical and artistic!

  3. Looking forward to see some more of your work.