Thursday, 20 September 2012

Golf, Fingerprints and Immigration. Is there a connection ?!

Strange but true...there's a definite connection there. I had to go to Bombay today to get 'finger printed' at the American Consulate so my new visa could be processed. I'm sure they know what they're doing.
But it got me thinking about something that happened in June this year when I was at Heathrow on my way back home. I had a few hours in transit and so had decided to meet my cousins for lunch close by.
Since I have a multiple entry long term visa that was no problem , or so I thought !
I was thrilled to be the first in line at Immigration ( those who go through Immigration at Heathrow will understand what a big deal that is ! ) and the officers had just come in on duty so their nerves weren't frazzled yet....
Well, when my finger prints were being checked, they didn't match !! The young man at the desk got more and more suspicious especially when I told him I was going out for just a few hours and had a flight home that evening. Of course he wouldn't tell me anything.
He just began to behave like a pompous, powerful 'gatekeeper' to Her Majesty's Kingdom !! Really !
Another senior officer came over and after asking me the same routine questions, stamped my passport and I was through. Phew !
When I got home and was chatting about this with my friend Laxmi she told me something quite interesting. She couldn't open the front door to her house where she has a 'finger print recognition' electronic lock so she called the manufacturer to complain. The reason her finger prints were not readable was....because of golf the skin had become too smooth on her forefinger !!
So there you are...blame it on golf !! And see the connection ?

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