Sunday, 2 September 2012

On a Sunday morning....

I had to do it some day !! Its been buzzing around in my ' oh so congested ' head for months. At night when I'm in bed its bzzzz, in the day its bzzzz, on a rainy day its bzzzz, on a special day its bzzzz, on the day of the Blue Moon it went bzzzz.....
What did ? My decision to start my blog !!! I know its really simple for most but for a computer challenged person like me it was a daunting task.  I often had these 'moments' when I'd draft a whole post in my head but by the time I opened the 'create your blog' page I'd chicken out.
Well today's the day and I now have my own blog where I can put stuff and make room in my head for other stuff.
I'll write about my current passion: quilting, my existing passion: golfing and of course life !! 


  1. Looooove it ! So looking forward to your NSH ramblings :-)

  2. Bravo! Super!! So you finally did it? in your first Solo attempt? Now nobody, including yourself, can say that you are computer challenged...keep it up!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging. What a great start, Vidya. But look out, it's very addictive, so make way, Facebook, Vidya's about to become hooked on blogging :)

  4. good one veena
    chanda laxmi`s sister

    1. Chanda, thanks !! Its Vidya not Veena :)