Sunday, 23 September 2012

Serendipity and what I found the other day....

Serendipity. I've loved that word ever since I first learnt what it meant. If like me, you are untidy and forget where you've put things, you're a lucky person. Often you start out looking for some important paper that DH has to have right away......
and you discover something totally delightful that gets you daydreaming.....
Well this morning it was sheer coincidence that I found not one but two connected things that took me down memory lane.
I found 2 small b & w photos of my sister and me in our prams and a pram cover in organdie,  hand embroidered by our mother. Its single thread shadow work. For those who don't do embroidery I'll explain : only one strand of thread from the six that make up an embroidery skein, is used to work on a design from the back of the fabric so that you can 'see' the colour through on the front. And those that do embroider will appreciate the intricate work that went into it.
The elves are just over an inch tall !!
Of course I don't remember it being used as my pram cover but what I do remember is the cover being used at all our birthday parties, to cover the eats. And thats probably how its got a few stains :)

And the perambulators...ah those were something special as we were always reminded.  Sadly my only memory of the one my sister had, was when my mother's young cousin, Ajit and I, aged four, took turns  sitting in it and wheeling each other around the driveway till the springs broke ! All this while our mothers were busy playing bridge. Of course there was hell to pay later but being so little I was let off...can't say the same for Ajit !  Even today I recall the discussions on how it was impossible to fix the springs and how naughty and destructive we were and how my poor sister who was a BIG baby would now have to be carried in her ayah's arms. That would tire poor Seshamma who, to me, was already old and tired anyway !


  1. Vidya, that is so beautiful....Takes one back in time....Thanks for sharing such a precious moment!

    1. 60+ years, Brinda !! Isn't it funny how I found the pics and the pram cover during the same 'hunt' ?!