Monday, 3 September 2012

Parrots and fabric that match !!

I was in my terrace taking pictures of some gorgeous shaded silk I'd bought when I heard a real racket outside DH's study. Parrots, at least six or seven of them, were having a chat session in his window. For a change I didn't have to go running to get my camera and could take a picture....but of course they saw me and all but two flew away !! The shades of green and turquoise in my silk were exactly the same as the feathers of the parrots.....I hadn't, until then, noticed that parrots had blue feathers on their tails. You can see that bright blue if you're above the flying parrot. Maybe parrots inspired the dyer of my silk....

And, yes, it is just one piece of silk with all those colours.
The mesh in the window spoils my pic but it also stopped all those parrots from flying into the Study ! 


  1. wow Vidya!!!Love the colours. I never realized that they have bue in their feathers too;-)

  2. Way to go Vidya...You have such a great writing style. Look forward o following you!

  3. Beautiful fabric!
    And congrats with the blog - I'll look forward to follow you:-)

  4. Thanks ladies !! Today I've figured out how to reply to comments....