Sunday, 23 September 2012

Orchids !!! And more orchids !!!

My friend Tanu grows the most amazing orchids !!! The first time I went to her old house, it was like entering a magical garden....there were orchids everywhere. In the new house they have assigned spots :)
Now I don't know too many people who  grow orchids, just Tanu and Laxmi ( who's abandoned her poor babies while she's gone to see her grandsons ). Tanu's blooms look so healthy and perfectly formed one is tempted to reach out and touch them just to make sure they're real ! And they're not the usual purple or white ones either !! Not that the purple and white ones aren't nice...these are just way prettier.......

I'm not a good photographer but I had to share the pics I took this morning.....

Now I'll wait for Tanu to identify and name them in the 'Comments'


  1. no from top....1,2,3,6 -come from the vandal family
    no.................4 .9 - Dendrobium
    no.................5,7,10, - phenolopsis
    no.................8 0ncidium ( tese are also called dancing lady - have to see the flower to know what i am saying)

    1. Tanu, I thought they should be called cascades :) The yellow tiny ones,because they were actually rippling in the breeze.

  2. vidya have taken some picyutes n posted on FB .. check out